Wayne Gregori

Born and raised in Oakland California, I’m an entrepreneurial tech-boomer who was bitten by the tech bug early in my adult life. In 1991, I created the first internet cafe (early social network) in San Francisco by building and placing coin-operated terminals in 25 cafes throughout the city, that was the birth of SF NET, see videos below ( Later I had numerous startups and businesses, all focused on technology. Despite all the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life my wife and I were brave (naive) enough to have and raise three beautiful children, they were all born in San Francisco and later went to school in the east bay where we finally settled down. We all attended local colleges, with my wife and children attending to Cal Berkeley and myself to Cal State East Bay before I ventured off to Paris to do graduate studies in Political Science. I’m a long time Rotarian, speak French fluently, Italian less fluently and Spanish poorly (work in progress).